The Process

Listen, Communicate, Envision, Achieve.

The creative process, whether for print or web, can seem daunting at first. We try to make it as painless as possible from the first meeting to the project completion. Here are the basic pieces of the puzzle:

Big World believes that successful marketing begins with the ears. We listen to the client to better understand their business and its services or products. We ask plenty of questions, for example:

  • What makes the company stand out against its competition and who is the competition?
  • Who is the target market for its product or service?
  • Does it need to develop its presence or is branding already established? Sometimes existing branding needs to be tweaked in order to appeal to the right demographic.
  • Have previous marketing attempts in the past (if any) failed and if so, what problems still need to be solved?
  • What are the end marketing goals?

Our job is to absorb everything we can, process it, ask questions, present different view points and project fresh attitudes that communicate a new way of speaking to your market.

This is where the marketing questions get answered and the message evolves. Research is done and data gathered as needed.  The strategy is outlined and a plan of attack is established, including:

  • Branding – Whether this is a new or existing company, branding needs to be developed as the key foundation of the organization.
  • Logo Design – While part of the branding process, it’s a crucial part of the equation that may represent the company for many years to come.
  • Copywriting – Great copy is a necessity for all marketing collateral and websites. It needs to capture the essence and express it clearly and succinctly.
  • Collateral – One shoe does not fit all. Each company has its own specific needs in print or for its website. We’ll help to determine the best tools for your company ‘tool belt’.
  • Budget – Ah, let’s not forget this part. A small start up business may not have given much thought to this, while an existing business may have a specific budget to work with. Either way, we’ll do our best to put all the pieces together, deliver a final project and the desired results, within your budget

This is where the all marketing angles, research and ‘plan of attack’ meet the designer’s mind. Kicking around ideas that bring all the elements together to develop the visual aspects, combined with marketing direction.

  • Concepts – Visualizing a fresh approach
  • Taglines – Summing up your brand and making it short, sweet and memorable
  • Logo and Branding Elements – The right logo and colors have a lasting impression even without words
  • Design of Collateral/Website – Bringing all the branding, conceptual and written pieces together into a presentation that successfully speaks to your target market and represents the quality and integrity of your company

The last step is ‘lift off’. Materials are printed, direct mail is sent to a targeted mailing list and the website is complete. The cornerpieces of your company foundation are now in place and your ‘tool belt’ is armed for success.

Heraclitus said “The Only Thing that is Constant is Change”. This is truer than ever in the business world, technology and the economy of today. Even a solid cornerpiece needs to be prepared for the future and evolve to prevent cracks in the foundation.

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